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Get Your Back Back In Shape

How the practice of Yoga can assist recovery from back pain and back injury

How much attention do you pay to the care of your back?  Although a healthy back is critical to carry out the activities of everyday life, most of us take it completely for granted.  This complex and sensitive system of inter-connected bones, muscles, soft-tissue and nerves copes with a great deal of strain from simple daily living, which can compound year after year, causing injury and/or pain.

What happens when such an indispensible part of your physiology starts to become a source of pain and discomfort?  Are there natural remedies available that can help relieve your symptoms and possibly deal with the underlying problem?

If you are suffering from back pain you are not alone.  According to BackCare, a charity campaigning for healthier backs, it is estimated that 80% of adults will experience back pain at some stage of their life. In most instances back pain is minor and short-lived.  However, some people suffer from more serious back pain brought on by a back injury, strain, or an unknown cause, which affects their ability to live life to its fullest potential.

How Yoga Can Help Your Recovery and Ease Back Pain

According to two studies published separately in the Archives of Internal Medicine (2011) and Annals of Internal Medicine (2011), participating in the practice of Yoga can help with lower back pain.  The research published in Annals of Internal Medicine was obtained from the largest research trial on Yoga to date, worldwide.  It involved 313 participants and showed that those who attended specific group Yoga classes run by fully qualified and trained Yoga teachers, experienced relief from non-specific chronic and reoccurring lower back pain.  The study also showed that the benefits obtained continued for one year after participants completed the twelve week course and practised Yoga at home.

Dianne Kenny, Director of The Courtyard Centre for Health & Wellbeing in Biggleswade is a fully qualified Yoga teacher and a member of the British Wheel of Yoga, the ‘Sport England’ recognised national governing body for Yoga.  She states that Yoga differs from physiotherapy in that it takes a holistic approach to healing, concentrating on the breath, mind and body as a whole.

According to Dianne, “the most important thing you can do to assist your recovery from a back injury is to keep moving”.  She goes on to say, “even if the injury is serious, you can lie on your front and breathe into your diaphragm which will help massage both the upper and lower back.  This exercise also massages the adrenal glands, and studies have shown that this helps relieve and release stress, anxiety and discomfort in the lower back which helps aid recovery”.  

Using Yoga to strengthen your core helps align the pelvic and back muscles and improve your overall posture.  This, along with better breathing practices, can reduce the strain you put on your back through everyday activities, thereby reducing your chances of suffering from back pain or injury.

If you wish to know more about how Yoga can help you regain and improve your strength and vitality come and talk to us, we are always happy to help.  Our fully qualified Yoga teachers can advise you on what programme is best suited for your needs.