Private Classes

Benefits of private lessons

- Tailored sessions to your needs and goals
- Focus on specific issues or health conditions
- Make rapid progress
- Be supported to develop your own personal home practice
- Times can be convenient to your schedule
- Beginners or experienced practitioners will benefit from this approach

Cost:   One-to-One = £45                  Two-to-one = £50 

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Working with posture and breath to bring balance to body, mind and spirit.



Quietening the chatter of the mind. As we strengthen the ‘inner sanctuary’ we are more able to deal effectively with the challenges of everyday life, feeling less stressed and more centred.

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It calms your mind, improves your posture, strengthens and mobilises the back and lengthens the spine. Concentrating on the deeper abdominal and pelvic (core) muscles it gives an inner strength and flatter stomach.