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Five Delightful Benefits of Baby Yoga.


In the first few months after having a baby the last thing many people want to do is put on some work-out clothes and head to a Yoga class. In those first bleary weeks even simple tasks such as cooking a reasonably healthy meal may seem insurmountable. However, some things really are worth the effort and Baby Yoga is one of them.

Baby Yoga is a wonderful way to bond with your baby. Babies naturally love to be gently caressed and handled and practising Yoga is a perfect way to do this in a calm, relaxed environment.

There are many reasons why regular Yoga practice is beneficial to both parents and babies and here are our top five.

1. It helps parents to develop sensitivity to their baby’s wants and needs.

Not everyone finds parenting instinctive and not all babies are easy to read. The calm, focused practice of Yoga can help parents tune into their infant’s cues. It also provides space to begin to discover your little one’s unique personality.

2. Yogi babies sleep better.

Calm, contented babies who are able to self-settle and get plenty of sleep make for happier infants and cheerful, well-rested parents! Yoga poses will help relax your baby’s muscles and your gentle touch will help calm their busy minds to encourage longer, more restful sleep.

3. It is a great way to get out and meet other parents.

Being at home with a baby all day can get pretty lonely. Attending a regular Yoga group is a wonderful way to meet other like-minded parents who can offer you support with the crazy, all-encompassing journey of new-parenthood.

4. Yoga practice helps your baby’s digestion.

A baby’s delicate digestive system can benefit greatly from Yoga exercises such as gentle cycling movements of the legs. This can help relieve wind, which in turn, will assist with better sleep and reduced fussiness.

5. It’s fun!

Participating in Baby Yoga with your infant is a marvellous way to develop and maintain strength, flexibility and a peaceful mind for the both of you. Combining communication, touch, and song, Baby Yoga provides a perfect setting to strengthen the bond you already have with your little one.


Remember, Yoga is great for Mums too! Post-natal Yoga classes can assist with strengthening your pelvic floor, regaining your pre-pregnancy body and maintaining a calm, centered mind.