Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Thursdays - 7.45 - 9pm

Advance Booking essential   -   call 01767 319 012

Pregnancy Yoga is specially adapted to help you remain healthy and comfortable throughout your pregnancy, whilst preparing your body and mind for birth.

These special classes include gentle postures, stretches and movements which can greatly help to relieve many pregnancy “symptoms” such as back ache, heart burn, and tiredness.  This, combined with natural positions, breathing and relaxation in a supportive environment, help you to enjoy your pregnancy, bond with your baby and feel confident as you approach birth.  

You can attend anytime during pregnancy, from 14 weeks until the birth of your baby.  No previous yoga experience is necessary and classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and flexibility. 


Please bring water to drink and come dressed in comfortable clothing that you can move and stretch in.

This pre-natal class is appropriate for all stages of pregnancy from 14 weeks onwards. 


Here’s what some of our Courtyard mums have said about the Pregnancy classes:

Nicole – Biggleswade
Nicole had a low lying placenta… she sent this email after being told she would have to have a C section at 36 weeks!!!

‘Thought you might like an update . . .
After all the pregnancy dramas my placenta moved at last minute so they let me continue with pregnancy being closely monitored.

I am delighted to announce that Lacie Isabella was born late yesterday afternoon, overdue in the end and weighing 8lb 13.5!!

I used pregnancy yoga throughout & stood up for all the contractions as you had advised and I had a very quick and natural delivery with no drugs ( not even gas/air!!) So thank you so much for all your guidance. The Yoga undoubtably helped me through it. ‘

Amanda Campbell-Phillips - Hitchin

 I was never into yoga before I was pregnant but I really felt the benefit every week and it soon became addictive! The exercises were easy to learn and progressed into a routine with lots of style variety including a very popular relaxation section!
I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be sending my female partner when she gets pregnant as this class is not to be missed! I have made so many genuine friends from the class that I still see every week socially!

Lynn – Knebworth
Third time round pregnancy for me and I decided to go for the pre natal yoga this time round. Previous pregnancies were difficult and painful with spd, so this looked like a good way to prevent..and it did. I had a great pregnancy and no spd! They were just the right amount of work to make you feel like you have done some exercise and relaxation. The classes gave immense support regarding health worries, questions and nutrition. And I made some great friends. Highly recommend the class!!

I shall recommend you to local pregnant friends!!


Sharan – Letchworth
I can’t recommend the class highly enough my only regret is that I can’t continue going! I had tried other antenatal yoga classes before but they were all too cautious. I was looking for a good workout in a safe manner, along with breathing and relaxation and this is exactly what I got. I’m convinced this played a part in me giving birth naturally with no pain relief and being fully dilated by the time I got to hospital!