fertility, pre+post natal

Acupuncture for fertility

Whether you want to conceive naturally or if IVF is necessary, acupuncture can significantly improve your chance of getting pregnant. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been shown to be clinically effective for a number of conditions from fertility (male/female) to pre and postnatal care. The procedure involves inserting and manipulating filiform needles into various points on the body to balance hormone levels and stimulate blood circulation, making for a healthier pregnancy and birth. Acupuncture can be used as a drug-free alternative in your pregnancy for pre-existing conditions such as headaches, back pain and hay fever, as well as for pregnancy related conditions such as nausea, sciatica and post birth symptoms.   

Our experienced Acupuncturist, Adam Wood, has helped many individuals and couples with varying fertility issues. In fact 100% of the couples he has treated have gone onto conceive successfully which is wonderful.

Pregnancy Massage

With all the necessary physical + emotional adjustments during pregnancy, massage can bring comfort, support and a wonderful sense of nurturing. It helps to reduce stress, relieve muscle cramps, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, alleviate back pain + headaches + release tight muscles.

You will be in safe hands with Bethshona, our experienced massage therapist who will ensure you stay comfortable and at ease throughout your massage.


Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is extremely safe and effective in treating pregnant women. It can relieve oedema (water retention around ankles and legs), bring high blood pressure down, ease stomach reflux or indigestion as well as back or groin pain. This treatment can also help promote contractions towards the end of the term. Reflexology during pregnancy is extremely relaxing not only for mothers to be, but for their babies who love it as well.

Craniosacral therapy and osteopathy for mums + babies

A prenatal craniosacral therapy session is a special time for a mother to get in touch with her body and growing baby. An important goal of a pregnancy craniosacral Therapy session is to gently improve mobility in the mother’s pelvis so her baby can more easily assume an ideal position for birth. This can promote a timely, easier birth for mum and baby.

A postpartum treatment focuses on structural realignment of the spine and pelvis, and rehabilitation of the muscles overworked or weakened during pregnancy. It facilitates healing, especially for mothers who have had caesarean births. New mothers receive instruction on how best to help themselves recover strength and balance in their bodies. Postpartum craniosacral therapy also addresses the new body discomforts associated with the carrying and care of a newborn infant. It includes instruction in the proper use of body mechanics for these new activities.

Craniosacral therapy can be beneficial to all babies: those from problem-free births as well as babies from traumatic births. It is a gentle, but profound and powerful, hands-on therapy which identifies pain and tensions held in the body. It supports the baby’s natural tendency to find health and optimum balance by relieving any tensions and restrictions. Craniosacral therapy can help babies with; colic, sucking difficulties, sleep problems and more. As well as helping current symptoms, treatment of babies can be helpful in preventing issues arising later in life.