Tonal Alignment

Tonal Alignment - Christina Cherry

 The Tonal Alignment requires 2 sessions on consecutive days - £80

To help raise your vibration & propel you forward on your spiritual path

The Tonal Alignment is a two-part energetic activation to help raise your vibration, expand your connection to your own Inner Being and propel you forward on your spiritual path. Powerful harmonic sound enhances the process and helps your physical body to be more receptive to these new energies. You may experience physical, mental or emotional healing as part of the process.

It takes the form of two one hour sessions over consecutive days. The first part prepares your physical and energy bodies for the activation and the second part completes and seals the process. The harmonic vocal tones act as an interface or ‘transformer’ between the higher, faster vibration of this spiritual energy and the slower physical vibration of the human body, so that more energy can be received and the whole process becomes more effective. You also receive a recording of the harmonic sound to listen to afterwards, so that you can bathe in that energy vibration again in the future.

 ‘My experience of the Tonal Alignment was one of those ‘wow’ moments’ Amanda Sleigh, NLP Master

‘I feel a stronger clairvoyant connection to others in my work’ Linda Ferguson, Medium