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We’re so excited to celebrate with you!

Please RSVP by 1st April 2019, one form per person

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eg food allergies/ intolerances/ vegan etc. Please note all food will be suitable for vegetarians and halal
please do let us know if you want us to arrange you a place to sleep for the night if you aren't able to splash on a hotel. We have at least 5 beds, several sofas, 4 bathrooms and unlimited floor space. Bedding will be very limited (tho we do have lots of yoga blankets and mats) so if at all possible please bring your own, plus a towel :)
Would you like to join us for Sunday Brunch *
at The Courtyard Centre on 7th July approx midday
eg want to car share or catch a lift from the train station? Want to get an early song request in for the party?