Access Consciousness Bars

Access Consciousness Bars - Christina Cherry

45 minute session - £40

To help release limiting thoughts, beliefs & judgements from your subconscious

Access Bars is a relaxing process of touching 32 ‘bars’ of energy on your head to help remove the redundant thoughts, beliefs and judgements that are holding you back –like clearing out the junk folder of your mental computer.

These bars connect to different aspects such as control, creativity, communication, aging, sexuality and money. They store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, ideas, attitudes, decisions and beliefs that you have ever had. When you change the fixed energy, you release the limitations, blocks and difficulties around that aspect and allow positive change, less effort and greater ease to come into your life.

In the 20 years that the Bars has been practised, it has assisted many people in changing various aspects of their body and their life including health, finances, relationships, anxiety and stress.

‘I had a headache when I arrived, but it felt better at the end... my head felt lighter and the back of my head felt clearerValerie Cunin-Tischler, Cambridgeshire

‘My sinuses felt very clear afterwards and my head felt really clear. My tiredness had gone and my brain felt empty but ‘with it’’ Jackie Noakes, Bedfordshire