Lynn Pearce

Lynn Pearce  BA Grad Dip Phys MCSP LicAc Cert Med Ed

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Chartered Physiotherapist
 Licentiate in Acupuncture 


 Lynn has over 31 years clinical experience as a Chartered Physiotherapist treating musculo-skeletal disorders, having qualified from Addenbrookes Hospital in the early 1980’s.

She has worked in both the NHS and the Private sector, and has used acupuncture as part of her skill set for 24 years. Acupuncture provides an effective tool to help with certain kinds of pain as well as having far reaching effects on the whole body in terms of relaxation and balance of many systems.

 She has trained within both the Western Scientific Framework and the Traditional Chinese Medicine framework (British College of Acupuncture) and lectures on a Masters in Acupuncture at Coventry University. She lectures to Allied Health Professionals and Physiotherapists nationally on the use of acupuncture within the manual therapy world.

Lynn’s prime interest lies in generalised musculo-skeletal problems such as back and neck pain, headaches (specifically including migraine ), knee problems in sport ( runners knee ) and from previous injury which may have led to arthritis. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence ( NICE ) has written two Guidelines in recent years – one for Low Back Pain and one for Headaches – both pointing favourably towards the use of acupuncture and it is a much more accepted tool found in many departments.

She has worked as a hand therapist for two years in London, and has been England Physiotherapist to the National Badminton Team at the World Team Championships. She has also trained with Sarah Key –‘physiotherapist to the Royals’ and utilizes manual techniques with both hands and feet – combining elements of shiatsu and stretch. Many techniques are gentle and sustained, allowing the body to find new length and position. Often combined with Chinese manual /massage techniques such as cupping and gua sha the aims are for longstanding tensions to regain length and so function.Lynn is a member of a number of clinical interest groups, allowing her to share and absorb different approaches to regaining good health and flexibility.