Karin Horrowitz


Karin Horowitz

Friday 9.15 - 10.15 Hatha Yoga 

Karin qualified as a teacher in 2002 with the Yoga for Health Foundation, whose ethos is about respecting the individual and enabling each person to practise yoga in a way that suits their specific needs. Since then she has undertaken many other trainings with a variety of teachers to develop her understanding of Yoga.

Karin is also the County Representative for Cambridgeshire within the British Wheel of Yoga. She organizes several workshops with well-known teachers each year and coordinates an annual summerschool.

As a teacher Karin aims to support students, whether beginners or experienced practitioners, in developing a sustainable yoga practice that gives them a foundation for life.

Karin brings to the Courtyard an approach that offers a gentle yet still challenging practice, that goes deep into identifying patterns of movement, breathing, and thought, liberating students from unhelpful habits. Through this teaching, students may deepen their awareness of their habits - physical, psychological and emotional - on the mat and then take this understanding off the mat into their daily lives. They will also be able to shed the stress accumulated in daily life, relax and find new reserves of energy.