with Jane Wallington HBCE, BA Hons, FEDANT Registered HypnoBirthing Practitioner

4 Week HypnoBirthing Antenatal Course
with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme





with Biggleswade’s longest established Hypnobirthing Teacher and Birth Doula, Jane Wallington of Breeze Birthing.

A 4 week comprehensive 5* Hypnobirthing antenatal course
learning The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme- the same method that has trained midwives at The Lister hospital.


Are you expecting a baby and feeling uneasy about the impending birth? Do you feel scared and anxious? Are you surrounded by negativity?

Or perhaps you are fearful of this birth after a difficult previous birth experience? 

Can you imagine having the tools and techniques to help you feel calm and relaxed during your pregnancy and the same toolkit to help you through your labour and birth?

So much so that you can LOOK FORWARD to the birth of your baby.

Imagine a supportive birth partner who is also calm, prepared and knows EXACTLY what he/she can do to help you through your journey. The tools and information you learn will help you no matter what happen during the birth of your baby.


Breeze Birthing offers empowering Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes, to provide a special toolkit and techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond. There is also the option to have Birth Doula Support which is proven to be key in helping to ensure your birth goes as smoothly as planned. Babies also benefit from this positive preparation, and really enjoy it! Following their birth, they are generally much calmer and content and because of this they could feed and sleep better. They can also typically have higher APGAR scores.

Hypnobirthing significantly reduces:

  • the need for medical pain relief

  • time in labour

  • the need for Intervention, such as forceps, ventouse and caesarean.

  • the need for medical care for your baby following birth

  • the risk of postnatal depression

Hypnobirthing will help:

  • you to feel energised during labour, birth and after the birth of your baby

  • to empower you and your birth partner

  • to give you invaluable tools, so that no matter what happens, you will feel calm and positive

  • you to birth your baby in a calm and a relaxed way

  • you to have a calm and relaxed baby

  • you to bond with your baby

  • any type of birth- e.g. home, water, hospital, birthing centre, delivery unit, caesarean.


The course will provide you with:

  • A complete antenatal course spanning over 4 weeks (4 x 2.5hours)

  • The Wise Hippo workbook manual for practice at home

  • MP3s

  • Handouts

  • Online access to support groups

  • Ongoing support from Jane

Breeze Birthing has all that you need for a calm, comfortable and positive birth.


Feedback from Breeze Birthing families:

“When we found out we were pregnant I wanted to be as much involved as possible however I wasn’t sure what role could I play as the father play to support my partner. The hypnobirthing classes with Jane gave me the knowledge and confidence to support my partner as well as bonding with my baby from the early hours of her life.
We also decided to ask Jane to continue to support us by being our doula. Not only I believe she made a difference to the support and care my partner received, but she supported me emotionally throughout my partner’s labour and looked after us a couple. I strongly recommend every couple to seek the support of a doula, and Jane was incredible.”

Alessandro, father of baby Victoria.

“We really enjoyed our time on the Hypnobirthing classes with Jane.
Before the course, we felt we'd go to hospital and have the baby delivered - like something that happens to you and that you don't have much say in. After the classes, our focus shifted from 'something unknown will be happening' to a place where we feel we are in control and, most importantly, are looking forward to having our baby!
The classes themselves were informative, relaxed and enjoyable, and have helped us to develop an exclusively positive outlook of birth. In addition, the overall sense of calm and control has really improved our day-to-day lives by taking away the feeling of being overwhelmed by the idea of giving birth. 
It's obvious Jane enjoys teaching (and is good at it!) and she's very approachable and caring of her class members. We found most useful the practical techniques and tips we were taught (such as breathing techniques, perineal massage, self-hypnosis or soothing strokes). 
The classes are not solely focused on the mother but very inclusive of the birth partner, and their important role throughout pregnancy and during birth.
We highly recommend hypnobirthing and Jane to everybody!”

Carolin Turner, mum to Leonard.


"I can't thank you enough. The course was worth every single penny and enabled me to have a quick, calm birth and a very content, alert baby because of it."
Sam Rogers, mother of baby Ronnie.


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About Jane

"My passion is to empower and equip couples with the tools & techniques which will enable them to have a POSITIVE birth, whatever path their birth takes. I love seeing the difference in the way they look following the 1st class- they are calm and excited about meeting their babies".

Your Body. Your Baby. Your Birth"

Jane Wallington HBCE, BA Hons is an experienced, fully insured, FEDANT registered and certified Hypnobirthing® Practitioner.  Jane trained and became a Gold Seal Member in The Mongan Method- the original method and now proudly teaches The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, the UK SPECIFIC Hypnobirthing method.

She is also a proud hypnobirthing mum of 2 little girls, Ruby Joy (5) and Jessica Nala (4)

FEDANT Registered Antenatal Teacher

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers (ABM) member

 Hospital volunteer.