Gluten free

We are committed to allowing customers to feel confident about eating gluten free food in our cafe.

 We store our gluten free bread, pitta and rolls wrapped in plastic and in their own shelf in the freezer/ cupboard. We have a separate chopping board for preparation of gluten free meals. Our miso soup is made with cultured brown rice and so is gluten free. Our Soup of the Day is made with gluten free stock. We dont have a separate panini grill for toasting GF sandwiches/ pittas but we do wipe clean the grill in between toasting items. Some of the cakes that we make are GF, these are kept in the same display cabinet as non GF items but definitely not touching them, and are wrapped separately in tin foil if kept overnight. The cookies are always GF and are kept in their own airtight jar.

As well as soups and sandwiches we currently cook two vegetarian main meals freshly every day. Usually at least one of these will be gluten free. 

If you have any questions or suggestions / dietary requests please do not hesitate to contact us!