Fab at 50

Where have all the women gone??

men waiting.jpg

They’re all at...FUN, FIT & FAB at 50!!

 A great workout with music and movement designed to activate and exercise all the muscles of the body.  Come along and stretch in style in your own way....march, strut, wiggle, wriggle, shimmy and shake.  No experience of anything is required, just a desire to let go and have fun while you get fitter.

Starting from upper body toning to mid- lines, abs, bottoms and thighs working against the resistance of your own body.  Your bones will be stronger, posture taller and a feeling of well-being in every fibre of your being.  What more could you ask for from a fitness class??  And it really doesn’t matter at all how old you are.

The workout is done to some great music and is brilliant FUN!! 

Not currently running