Belly Dancing

GreatBelly Dance course

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Belly dance is one of the oldest dance forms known to mankind and its origins are often debated. Historically women have gathered together to dance at celebrations very often the women were secluded from the men.
It is a colourful exhuberant art form rather than a fitness craze, however it does tone the body and uses the inner core muscles particularly those of the stomach and increases well being and fitness being a good all round type of exercise. Participants will be asked to fill out a fitness to dance form and if they have any injuries or ailments should check with their doctor first.
My classes are suitable for both males and females all shapes, sizes, and abilities over the age of 14..... If pregnant check with your GP as it can be unsuitable for those in the first trimester.
My classes mainly focus on the Egyptian style of dance but occasionally we might do some Turkish or look at other styles including folkloric. At a later stage we may well use props such as canes, veils, fan veils, isis wings.
Belly dancing can open up a whole new and exciting world.



About Bev

 I am a belly dance tutor and performer with many years of experience.

I have been teaching dance for over 10 years and am especially interested in teaching adults with learning disabilities, mental health groups and older adults. I hold a CRB disclosure.

I am a qualified JWAAD teacher & attend workshops on a regular basis and have taken lessons in the UK, Egypt and Turkey to further my professional development.